Provailen Review – No More Painful Arthritis!

Studies suggest that there are more than 100 types of arthritis, while millions of people all around the world suffer tremendous pain from this disease. Of course, pain reliefs such as prescription medications are available widely from almost every drug store all over the place, but most drugs merely reduce the pains instead of healing the disease completely.

Most often doctors suggest that patients consume anti-inflammatory drugs because the main symptoms of arthritis often include pain and inflammation in the joints.

Nonetheless, NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) leave traces in your body. These NSAIDs inhibits the natural ability of the immune system to fight off diseases. If you consume any type of NSAID each time you have arthritis attack, your immune system and overall health would be negatively affected.

Hence, consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs over a long period of time will weaken immune system; moreover, there is always the possibility that you will become addicted to these drugs. In this case, you will need a higher dose over time. Fortunately, there are natural arthritis remedies that alleviate the pains of this disease as well as combat the root cause without any dangerous side effects to your immune system and overall body health. One of these natural remedies is called Provailen.

An Overview of Provailen

Provailen is an arthritis pill formulated from a combination of powerful natural ingredients. One of the strongest ingredients of this natural supplement is a specific fungus named Reishi that contains hydrocortisone and polysaccharide peptide.

Hydrocortisone is a substance commonly injected to an arthritic joint, while isolated polysaccharide peptide can significantly inhibit RSAF (Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial Fibroblasts). So why should you try Provailen if it contains the same ingredients as those prescribed by your doctors?

The secret of Provailen is that the ingredients are extracted from natural herbs. It is basically an anti-inflammatory drug, but it does not have any harmful side effect to your health.  Most other pain relief medications for arthritis have bad side effects such as liver damage, stomach ulcers, kidney damage, heart attack, and more.

Arthritis is typically triggered by an autoimmune disorder that attacks the joints (inflammation). Anti-inflammatory drugs will handle the inflammation only, but Provailen works by restoring the balance to the immune system thus, it relieves the inflammation as well. In other words, the supplement works to relieve arthritis pain from the source.

More Info On Provailen

Among all arthritis patients asked to consume Provailen, more than 86% of them experienced significant decrease in joint pain caused by arthritis. It is important to stress that not only does Provailen contain all natural ingredients, manufacturing process is performed in a modern FDA (Food and Drug Administration)approved laboratory.

The active substance in Reishi is extracted in a manner that ensures optimum and pure concentration only. Thanks to the modern extraction process, the potency is increased up to 75 times stronger than the original form. This all natural arthritis relief supplement is as well safe to consume along with other medications.

Major Benefits

  • No side effects
  • As powerful as 5 mg of hydrocortisone
  • Relieves joint pain caused by arthritis from the source
  • Safe to consume along with other prescription or OTC (over-the-counter) drugs
  • Manufactured in FDA approved laboratory
  • It does not negatively compromise immune system

What People Are Saying About Provailen

There are numerous positive testimonials provided by real customers.  One of the testimonials is from James who states:

“Listen. I have just been on a 3 mile walk in the countryside near my home, which is my passion. Why am I telling you this? Because the pain in my knees and ankles was so bad previously, it hurt to walk 50 yards. I LOVE you Provailen.”  - James W. (testimonial from Company website).

Another satisfied customer states:

“I love my Provailen. It’s the only thing I have tried in the last 3 years that has actually made me pain free.” Shirley M. – (testimonial from Company website).

Where to Buy Provailen

The safest place to purchase Provailen is from the official website. You may find some other websites or stores selling this supplement (or something that sounds like it), but you can be sure that the official website sells only the original product.


Based on scientific studies and customer reviews, Provailen is indeed effective in reducing the unpleasant pain caused by arthritis and it does have negative side effects. Furthermore, it is safe to consume along with other drugs. It is manufactured with natural ingredients  in an FDA approved laboratory, ensuring its overall quality.